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Light of Future (LOF) focuses on developments and basic work in the field of high-power laser technology including theoretically elaborated applications.

LOF creates a patent base in order to give investors a perfect protection in the light of their entry into new technologies.

A decade-long experience and an active inventive talent in laser technique provide the strongly needed basis to be able to make the necessary technology and property right decisions.

Laser technology is strengthened compared to conventional manufacturing methods, resulting in new fields of application in high-power laser operation. In a very competent way and on the basis of practical examples which have proved to be successful, LOF helps to minimize the concerns of newcomers and to ensure the commercial success.

LOF sees a very high future potential in fiber lasers, as laser technology is dictated by a heavy global price erosion and pressure to perform. What is more, fiber lasers have the largest cooling surface which helps to achieve a mostly stress-free laser operation going easy on the active medium.

Roland Berger is prepared to give answers to your questions and to assist in introducing laser technology in your company.