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light conducting cable (LLK) for highest quality demands:

This ultimate plug version LLK – B comprises an active air cooling system for all optical surfaces and a passive heat dissipation provided by a water cooling system.

Test results:

A beam with 4500 W (cw) of a diode-pumped rod laser was irradiated at the welding head and set slightly out of focus (with small plasma formation) perpendicularly to copper and aluminum plates and reflected back into the fiber (diameter 600 µm, Na = 0.22) and the welding head. The temperature of the cooling air at the beam exit increased by 3° C.
Duration of the test: 18 x approx. 2 min.
The fiber showed absolutely no damage.

Uniform flat-top radiation behavior at the beam exit:

Gleichbleibendes flat-top Abstrahlverhalten am Faseraustritt