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Specifications of the LOF fiber -test laser - pulse mode 500W power; 1064nm and using a 400 µm fiber


Output radiation angle:
Using a HeNe laser with 1 degree total angle (coupling-in) and a quartz / quartz fiber (Na = 0,22) results in a beam output angle of approx. 9 degree (total value).

Pulse peak performance: At least 18 KW input power at a 10 ms period; 5 Hz, equals to 180 Joule

Long-term test on a pulsed 500W laser, fiber testing time four hours
Laser radiation directly hits aluminum plate at right angles at a distance of 15 cm from the fiber.
At the beginning of the test: Air input at the LWL input area 22°C, temperature of the air leaving the plug piece: 25°C.
520W at the LWL input region, 455 at LWL output region; pulse rate 20 Hz and pulse duration 4.2ms.

End temperature after four hours: Air exit temperature approx 38.2°C at the LWL input area;
Air exit temperature approx 29.6°C at the LWL output area.

Consumption of pressurized air can be continuously adapted depending on laser power.

Constantly homogenous irradiation behavior through mode mixing at the ends of the fiber.