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Now available: An almost indestructible fiber (fiber core diameter ranging from 10µm to 1800µm, optimization of the fiber laser upon request) with following advantages:

  1. Withstands extremely high pulse peaks.
  2. The power remains in the core; defects due to energy absorption in the cladding are thus prevented.
  3. Constant homogenous irradiation behavior irrespective of motions of the end plug piece, ensuring best and reproducible welding results.
  4. Long service life through active air cleaning and cooling of the optical elements at the beam input and output.
  5. Unproblematic during welding under heavy reflections coming from the work piece (perpendicular welding, welding of copper or magnesium).
  6. Optimization of the coupling-in procedure can be done without difficulty at full power.
  7. Minimum beam quality loss.
  8. Welding of lithium and magnesium advantageous in terms of industrial safety due to using air for cooling instead of water.
  9. Flushing with cooled-down air (or gas) is an option for extremely demanding applications.